2018 Norwex Catalog

Norwex helps people just like you create brighter futures through simple, cost-effective solutions that truly work.

It’s a new year, and time for the new 2018 Norwex Catalog!

2018 Norwex Catalog Cover

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New Products In The 2018 Norwex Catalog

Norwex Counter Cloths

Throw in the Paper Towels and Make the Switch to Norwex Counter Cloths

counter cloths 2018 norwex catalog

These ultra-absorbent cloths feature a unique new weave that quickly picks up spills and messes in the kitchen, bathroom—just about anywhere you would use a paper towel.

Constructed from Norwex Microfiber and made from 50% recycled materials, Counter Cloths come in the same handy size as a half-sheet paper towel.

Each reusable set of three contains almost a whole recycled plastic bottle, so you’re helping to clean up the world every time you clean up around the house.

Slate, Vanilla, Mushroom (set of 3)

counter cloths 1 2018 norwex catalog

Buy Now – $19.99

Marine, Teal, Sea Mist (set of 3)

counter cloths 2 2018 norwex catalog

Buy Now – $19.99

Counter Cloth Box Set

Give your Counter Cloths a home in the exclusive, Norwex-branded Counter Cloth Box.

Shaped like a cozy little house, it keeps Counter Cloths within easy reach on kitchen and bathroom countertops for a quick, convenient clean.

The Box Set includes all six colors of Counter Cloths.

Hurry—while supplies last!

counter cloth box set 2018 norwex catalog

Buy Now – $49.99

Norwex Body Balm

Indulge in softer, smoother skin with our Body Balm. Its rich blend of USDA certified organic ingredients work quickly to help rejuvenate and restore rough, cracked skin.

body-balm-2018 norwex catalog

Glides on easy, so you can apply it to just about anywhere on your body you can reach!

Feel-good ingredients like Sunflower Seed Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Spearmint and Orange Peel Oil combine to hydrate your skin while providing a refreshing scent you’ll love.

Best of all—this product is not tested on animals so you have another reason to feel good about using it.

With its citrusy, minty aroma, and organic ingredients, you’ll want to carry this soothing, super-emollient balm with you wherever you go!

body-balm-2 2018 Norwex Catalog

Buy Now – $19.99

From the flagship microfiber with BacLock® to the superior cleaning agents, these innovative products provide real solutions to everyday cleaning problems, tailored to the way your family cleans.

Norwex Lip Balm

Balm and Carry On with Soft Skin and Lips.

lip balm 2018 norwex catalog

Lavish your lips with rich emollients such as USDA certified organic Sun flower Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil and Shea Butter to banish chapped lips forever!

Our over-sized Lip Balms provide fast, lasting relief for rough, dry lips, with none of the harmful chemicals found in petroleum-based products.

And they come in three scrumptious, natural flavors—Black Raspberry, Orange Vanilla and Pineapple Coconut. Discover which one is your fruity favorite!

Black Raspberry

black raspberry 2018 norwex catalog

Buy Now – $9.99

Orange Vanilla

Orange Vanilla 2018 norwex catalog

Buy Now – $9.99

Pineapple Coconut

pineapple coconut 2018 Norwex Catalog

Buy Now – $9.99

Norwex Napkins (New Peacock Color)

What’s ultra-convenient and helps you clean up the world every time you clean your plate? Norwex Napkins made from 50% recycled materials, of course!

napkins-teal-2018 Norwex Catalog

Each set is made from the equivalent of five recycled plastic bottles (500ml).

And they have everything you love about our Norwex Microfiber, like our BacLock®* self-cleansing agent and those extrafine fibers that absorb and hold spills and dribbles so much better than anything else.

Plus they’re much more sustainable and affordable than paper towels or napkins.

napkins-teal-2018 Norwex Catalog 2

Buy Now – $29.99

More Fun Norwex Products Are In the 2018 Catalog

These are just a few of the products, new and updated, that are in this catalog. All of the new products are be available for online order now.

Feel free to download the catalog by clicking here.

2018 Norwex Catalog Cover

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