About Me: Independent Norwex Consultant

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Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Jami Mark, and I have to admit, my story in becoming an independent Norwex consultant began most reluctantly.

My grandmother-in-law invited me to a Norwex party with the hopes that the products would help with my son with his terrible eczema. He had been struggling with eczema and I had tried so many different products and even natural cleaners affected his skin, but nothing had worked.

I was very skeptical before the Norwex party assuming that the products would be just another failed attempt to make things easier at home. However, at the Norwex party, I was amazed by the demos and surprised that such efficient cleaning could be done with only water.

After receiving my first Norwex envirocloth and using it on my own home, I was so completely sold that I had to become an independent Norwex consultant; not only to help me receive Norwex products for my own home but also to share the message of this amazing company that helps cut cost on cleaning products and the time spent cleaning.

It is a win-win for every person that does any type of cleaning!

As a stay-at-home mom with two active little boys, I needed something that would be safe for my youngest son’s skin issues and fast and effective for cleaning up after their messes.

And the best part for me – since I’ve been able to get rid of most chemicals in our house by using Norwex products, my son’s eczema has really improved!

I love Norwex products and am so glad that I get to share the message of “The REAL Clean” with everyone, because it just makes sense!