Norwex EnviroCloth®

This multipurpose cloth can be used dry or with water only to clean everything.

The Norwex EnviroCloth is the one microfiber cleaning cloth every healthy home should have.

  • Physically removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface using only water.*
  • Clean more safely, quickly and thoroughly using a super-absorbent Norwex EnviroCloth and water only!
  • Eliminates the need for paper towels, creating less waste and less paper dust in the home.
  • Saves time and money by using only water – no need for harmful chemicals.

About the Norwex EnviroCloth​

Cleaning all surfaces in your home quickly and completely can be challenging and often requires cleaners containing harmful chemicals that can make your family sick. Plus, cleaning with paper towels creates single-use waste.

The Norwex EnviroCloth helps you clean more safely, quickly and thoroughly using a super-absorbent Norwex EnviroCloth and water only! It cleans everything from dust to messes without using harmful chemicals.

The densely woven, superfine Norwex Microfiber physically removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface using only water when following proper care and use instructions.

Made with super-fine, microscopic fibers measuring 1/200th the thickness of a human hair, it holds water in the cloth, not on surfaces. And with a maximum length of more that 10 million feet/3 million meters, this microfiber provides unsurpassed cleaning power.

The EnviroCloth traps dust and grime in the cloth and leaves surfaces cleaner, eliminating residual “chemical muck” left behind by typical cotton cloths and harsh cleaning products.

This cloth also includes BacLock®*, Norwex’s exclusive micro silver agent that protects the cloth by inhibiting odor in the cloth, which means it’s ready to use again and again.

This versatile, grab-and-go, eco-friendly microfiber cloth does it all without using any harmful chemicals that can linger in the air and on surfaces. Can be used everywhere – the house, garage, cars, outdoors and more!

The EnviroCloth is the true all-purpose microfiber cloth you can’t do without.

And, reusable microfiber cloths are safer and better for you and for the environment. They help eliminate the use of paper towels and help prevent harmful chemicals in your home.

How To Use

You can use the EnviroCloth almost any surface including bathrooms (taps, sinks, tubs, counters, toilets and more), walls, windows, floors, vehicles, toys, tools, kitchen appliances and surfaces, outdoor furniture and more.

Can be folded and refolded to create multiple surfaces for nonstop cleaning.

Use damp for general cleaning

It picks up almost everything using only water.

Use dry to dust

The static electricity lifts the smallest particles of dust and dirt up into the cloth and prevents them from resettling on surfaces.

Ordering the Norwex EnviroCloth

Enjoy the convenience of ordering the Norwex EnviroCloth directly from your home. When you place your order online, it will be shipped straight to you from Norwex, ensuring authenticity and quality.

By ordering through this website, you’re not only guaranteed to receive genuine Norwex products, but also at the best prices available.

As a bonus, I’m also available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. I’ve been a leading Independent Norwex Consultant since 2012, have have a stellar reputation of providing exceptional care for thousands of customers.

This personalized service offers peace of mind and the assurance that you’re investing in products that stand up to their promise of a cleaner, healthier home.

Try It Risk Free!

2 Year Warranty

The 2-year Norwex microfiber warranty covers any problem you may encounter outside of normal wear and tear. If you are not pleased with how a microfiber product has worn or performed you may contact Norwex Customer Service to have the item replaced, at no additional charge, through Norwex Customer Service Returns.**

Generous Return Policy

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any Norwex Product, you may return the unused portion of the Product within 60 (sixty) days from the date of Purchase provided that the original receipt with Purchase date accompanies the Products.**

Norwex 2 year warranty on microfiber products

**Norwex Microfiber physically removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface with water alone when following proper care and use instructions.

***Please note that while I strive to keep this site frequently updated, Norwex reserves the right to modify its warranty and return policy without prior notice. For the most current information, I encourage you to click here to view the latest details directly on the Norwex website.

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