Norwex Kitchen Brush

Cleaning bakeware with the Norwex kitchen brush

So, I’m making my way though some of the new Norwex products for 2023, and my early favorite is the Soap-Dispensing Kitchen Scrub Brush.

Jami Mark – Norwex Independent Consultant

If you’re like me, after dinner you regularly find yourself with a full sink of dishes and bakeware with tough, stuck-on grime. So with dish soap and a brush, you make your way through the dirty dishes one at a time.

Sound familiar?

Well, the Norwex Kitchen Scrub Brush has already made this almost daily chore much quicker and easier to get through.

I pre-fill it with Dish Soap, press the button and it dispenses the perfect amount of dish soap right where I need it, so I can quickly brush and scrape away even the most challenging things that are stuck on to my dishes, bakeware, pots and pans.

Another thing I really like is that this brush has the Norwex BacLock. I’ve had many other kitchen brushes that get really gross quickly. With the BackLock antibacterial agent in the sturdy bristles and handle button and grip helps prevent odor due to bacteria, mold and mildew growth, so I expect this brush will last a very long time!

Features of the Norwex Kitchen Brush

Scraping stuck on food with the Norwex kitchen brush
  • Angled brush head is perfect for easily scrubbing pots, pans, dishes, cookie sheets and more.
  • Reservoir holds up to 25 pumps of any dishwashing liquid.
  • The handle’s clear panel lets you see how much dish liquid is left in the reservoir.
  • The handle’s comfortable TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grip with BacLock won’t slip when wet.
  • Nylon bristles resist stains and odors and can be used in wet or dry conditions.
  • Flat end allows the brush to be stored standing up.
  • Reduces waste—once the bristles are worn, simply dispose of the head instead of the entire brush.

How to Use the Norwex Kitchen Brush

Filling the Norwex kitchen brush with dish soap

Step 1: Fill with dish soap

  • Unscrew the head and pour dish soap slowly into the reservoir until dish soap is at the start of the treads.
  • Screw head back into place.

Quick note: This should not be filled with concentrated products such as BioZyme™ Dish Soap Concentrate.

Step 2: Push the button and scrub

  • Using the pad of your finger, press the button to dispense Dish Soap and scrub away grease and grime. Do not use your fingernail.
  • Use the built-in scraper to remove more stubborn grime.

To clean, wash head and handle with Norwex Dish Soap. Dry completely.

Additional Uses

The brush itself also works well with other Norwex products like the Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate and the Oven and Grill Cleaner.

However, don’t fill the handle with these products as it’s designed for use with dish liquids only.

Where to Buy the Norwex Kitchen Brush

You can buy this new kitchen brush online directly from Norwex.

You can order the brush individually, or save some money by ordering it as a set with the dish soap.

Norwex Kitchen Brush

The Norwex kitchen brush

Norwex Soap and Scrub Set

Norwex kitchen brush and dish soap set
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