Norwex Nordic Naturals

In the Fall 2018 Catalog, a new color palette was introduced – Norwex Nordic Naturals.

These new colors were inspired by the clean, calming colors of Norway, which is where Norwex began.

Here are the products that are now available in the Norwex Nordic Naturals collection…

Norwex Nordic Naturals Mop System

norwex Nordic Naturals mop

The Norwex Mop System lets you replace your traditional messy mop and heavy bucket, and bring out the natural beauty of your home using only water.

Rather than coat your floors with even more chemicals, this mop works by harnessing the power of static electricity and water to get them completely clean. Plus, it actually keeps the floors cleaner for a longer time (yay to less cleaning!).

Norwex Nordic Naturals – Individual Mop Components

If you already have a Norwex Mop and want to mix and match with these new colors, below is a list of available individual mop products in the Nordic Naturals collection.

Dry Mop Pad

Norwex Nordic Naturals Dry Mop Pad

The Nordic Naturals Dry Superior Mop Pad is made from 50% recycled materials.

This Dry Mop Pad is statically charged and will pick up the smallest particles of dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs and more.

Wet Mop Pad

Norwex Nordic Naturals wet Mop Pad

The Nordic Naturals Wet Mop Pad made from 70% recycled materials traps dirt and grime in the pad, leaving surfaces cleaner, so you won’t have to mop as often.

Removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface using only water.

Telescopic Mop Handle

norwex nordic naturals Telescopic Mop Handle

The Nordic Naturals Mop Handle comes in a beautiful Rose Gold color.

If you haven’t used it, this mop handle is amazing for floors, walls, ceilings, ceiling fans and a multitude of other hard-to-reach cleaning jobs.

The telescoping mop handle adjusts to fit your height so you can comfortably clean even the most out-of-the-way areas.

Mop Base

Norwex Nordic Naturals Mop Base

The durable Nordic Naturals Mop Base comes in a beautiful Silver color.

This mop base easily snaps into the handle and features an easy locking mechanism to hold the base firm for washing walls.

Velcro® strips secure Mop Pads to the base, and rubber edging protects walls and furniture.

Norwex Nordic Naturals EnviroCloth

The product that started it all – the EnviroCloth.

Now there are two new beautiful EnviroCloth colors in this collection.


Norwex Nordic Naturals evnirocloth 1

Rose Quartz

Norwex Nordic Naturals evnirocloth 2

Norwex Nordic Naturals Window Cloth

Norwex Nordic Naturals window cloth

Always a top-selling Norwex product, this new Window Cloth in pink opal is absolutely beautiful.

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