Best Selling Norwex Products

If you’re just getting started cleaning with Norwex products, or are just curious on which products are the best selling, this page is for you. Here is a list of my 10 Best Selling Norwex Products:

10. Norwex Laundry Detergent: Ultra Power Plus HE

norwex products norwex laundry detergent 1125_UPP

This Norwex laundry detergent is made up of powder that is completely biodegradable. Plus, no phosphates and no fillers, making it safer for your family (and the environment).

The Norwex laundry detergent works great for fighting stains, and can be used with any HE or traditional washing machine.

Bonus: This is the only detergent that is safe to use on your other Norwex microfiber products.

9. Norwex Dusting Mitt

norwex products norwex dusting mitt 308000-Dusting-Mitt

Now you can dust faster than ever!

Unlike other dusting products, the Norwex Dusting Mitt quickly picks up dust and allergens, trapping them inside of the Mitt instead of just pushing them somewhere else.

Plus, the Norwex Dusting Mitt also includes the Norwex BacLock technology.

8. Norwex Face Cloths

nnorwex products norwex face cloth 306100-Makeup-Removal-Cloth-Set

Now you can remove your makeup using only water (yes, even mascara!).

The Norwex Face Cloths use the same BacLock technology as the Norwex Microfiber. Just get the cloth damp, fold into quarters, and wipe away all of the dirts, oils, and makeup from your face.

FAQ Answer: Yes, the Norwex Face Cloths work great even if you don’t use the Norwex Skin Care Line.

7. Norwex Dryer Balls: Fluff and Tumble

norwex products norwex dryer balls 357021_DryerBalls

Never buy dryer sheets again and cut drying time by 25%!

These Norwex Dryer Balls get rid of static cling without using any of the chemicals used in dryer sheets.

Norwex Dryer Balls save time, money, and are environmentally friendly. Plus, they’re very long lasting (at least 10,000 loads). Something even the busiest mom’s can appreciate.

6. Norwex Mop: Superior Mini Mop System

norwex products | norwex mop 355100-Small-Mop-Base

Thousands now have a cleaner floor than they ever thought they could, and they’re using only water and a Norwex mop.

The Superior Mop Collection is made with Norwex’s proprietary BacLock technology, so you can safely clean ANY floor surface.

The Norwex Mini-Mop Superior System includes:

  • Norwex Telescopic Handle
  • Norwex Small Mop Base
  • Norwex Superior Dry Mop Pad
  • Norwex Small Wet Mop Pad

Simply put, this is the best Norwex Mop for small spaces.

PS, With a Norwex mop, you’ll end up saving a TON of money by never having to buy Swiffer pads again!

5. Norwex Cleaning Paste

norwex products norwex cleaning paste 403500-Cleaning-Paste

Clean your kitchen surfaces like a pro!

With just the the Norwex Cleaning Paste and an Enviro Cloth (TM), you can clean, polish, and protect any chrome, aluminum, or stainless steel surfaces.

4. Norwex Window Cloth

norwex products norwex window cloth 305002-Window-Cloth

Have streak-free windows you can be proud of.

Using only water, you can use this microfiber Norwex Window Cloth with BacLock technology to clean your windows, mirrors, and shiny surfaces without any streaking!

3. Norwex Body Cloth

norwex products norwex body cloth 309044_Body_Pack_vintage

Give the Norwex Body Cloth a try, and you’ll have great looking skin!

The microfiber Norwex Body Cloth with BacLoc technology removes all of the dirt, oils, and bacteria from your skin that cause to blemishes.

Join the thousands of other Norwex Body Cloth users who now have healthy, great looking skin.

2.  Norwex Superior Mop Collection


Rather than coat your floors with even more chemicals, harness the power of static electricity and water to get them completely clean and chemical-freeā€”and keep them cleaner, longer!

Plus, you’ll never waste money on Swiffer pads again!

1.  Norwex Enviro Cloth (TM)

norwex products norwex enviro cloth 300002-Green-Enviro

The Norwex Enviro Cloth (TM) can be used either wet or dry to clean virtually everything! All Norwex Enviro Cloths (TM) are made with the proprietary Norwex BacLock(TM) technology.

Many colors available!

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