Norwex Double Sided Mop System

Unfortunately, Norwex has discontinued the Double Sided Mop. The current mops from Norwex are even better, and you can learn more about them here.

Are you a busy mom tired of spending a lot of time and money cleaning floors?

norwex double sided mop kid

If so, you really need to check out the Norwex Double Sided Mop System because it can help you clean your floors in half the time!

This particular Norwex Mop is Double Sided, so it swivels and flips, letting you can clean with both a wet mop pad and a dry mop pad without having to change out pads or mops.

See This Norwex Mop In Action

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Protection Against Bacteria

The Double Sided Wet Mop Pad is made with Norwex Microfiber, which has Norwex’s exclusive BacLock(TM) technology.  This technology inhibits bacteria oder, mold, and mildew growth inside of 24 hours, creating a safer cleaning envorionment in your house.

Cleaning Without Chemicals

Let’s face it, none of us really wants to expose our families, pets, or ourselves to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning without chemicals is really what Norwex is all about. The Norwex microfiber is very unique and combines an antibacterial silver-based agent with the microfiber in the mop pads (antibacterial agent is actually embedded inside the tiny microfiber).

Plus, since there are no chemicals, the Norwex mop can be used on any surface!

Who Else Wants to Stop Wasting Money on Swiffer Pads?

If you’re tired of wasting money every month on Swiffer pads, then the Double Sided Norwex Mop System is for you!

This system comes with both the Norwex Wet Mop Pad, and Dry Superior Mop Pad.  These pads can be cleaned and reused, so you never have to by disposable mop pads again. (Special note, you do not need to wash the pads after each use because of the Norwex microfiber).

The Norwex mop pads also come with a rubber edge guard, so the mop won’t damage any of your furniture.

norwex mop 352011-Large-Dry-Superior-Mop-Pad
Norwex Mop: Dry Superior Mop Pad
norwex mop 350001-Large-Wet-Mop-Pad
Norwex Mop: Wet Mop Pad

Bonus Cleaning Tip

Did you know that this Norwex Mop is also great for cleaning windows, walls, and ceilings?

Just adjust the Telescopic Mop Handle to the desired hight, lock the mop base into place, and away you go!

Order Your Norwex Double-Sided Today!

Everything is included in this Mop System if you order online here.

With your order, you will get:

  • Double Sided Mop Base
  • Telescopic Norwex Mop Handle
  • Double Sided Dry Superior Mop Pad
  • Double Sided Wet Mop Pad
norwex products | norwex mop 1455-Double-Sided-Mop-Set
Norwex Double Sided Mop System

Start saving time and money by ordering the Norwex Double Sided Mop today!

norwex mop double sided mop 11011

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with your Norwex Mop System, simply return the item within 60 days from the date of purchase and you will receive a refund, less the shipping fees.  Additionally, if the Norwex Mop you receive is damaged or defective in anyway, Norwex will replace or exchange it to your complete satisfaction with a receipt.

Additional Warranty

The Norwex microfiber warranty covers any problem with the microfiber that you may encounter outside of normal wear and tear for a period of two years.  The Telescopic Mop Handle and the Double Sided Mop Base come with a full one year warranty.

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