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The Best Bath and Body Towels You Will Ever Own


Your towel needs to be warm, soft and luxurious to caress and pamper you as it quickly dries your skin. And these Norwex towels are the ultimate in luxury.

The lightweight, antibacterial Norwex microfiber is quote possibly the softest fabric your skin will ever touch.

Just a warning – if you try these Norwex towels, they just may be the only towels you will ever buy!


What Makes the Norwex Towels So Great?

The Bath and Body Norwex towels are made from super-soft Norwex microfiber. Because the microfiber is so gentle, these Norwex towels are also great for those of us with more sensitive skin.

You also won’t have to wash these towels as often, because of the BacLock agent in the towels that is unique to Norwex.

The micro silver that is woven into the Norwex microfiber is self purifying. After use, it quickly goes to work with its self purifying properties, and protects against mold, fungi, and bacterial odor within 24 hours. So the next time you are ready to use it, you are good to go.

Plus, the Norwex towels come with a full 2 year warranty. What other towels offer that?


How Many Sizes of Bath & Body Norwex Towels Are There?

The Bath and Body towels come in three sizes:

The Extra Large Towel

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This Norwex towel is huge, and is great for those of us who love to use over-sized towels. These extra large towels are great for drying quickly and keeping warm after bathing or showering.


The Large Towel

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The Large Norwex towel is great for after baths and showers. They also make great towels for the beach and pool.


The Hand Towels


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The quick drying, lightweight towels make them ideal for multiple uses including drying hands, body and hair.

These hand towels are absolutely amazing, and are probably the most velvety hand towels you will ever touch.


What Colors Are Available for the Norwex Towels?

The towels are available in Taupe, Latte, Teal, and Graphite.

norwex catalog 309001-Hand-Towel-taupe norwex catalog 309005_Hand_Towel_latte norwex catalog 309002_Hand_Towel_teal   norwex towels 309_Grey_Towels_Stack_IMG_9884_Low

They can be mixed and matched, and really complement any decor.


Are You Ready for a Little Pampering?

You don’t need to be rich to own the most luxurious towels ever made.


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Want to Save 10%?

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Now you can get all three Norwex towels, and save 10%!


The Bath Towel Trio comes with:

  • 1 Extra Large Norwex Towel
  • 1 Large Norwex Towel
  • 1 Norwex Hand Towel

norwex towels 309_Grey_Towels_Stack_IMG_9884_Low

[button href=”″ primary=”false” centered=”false” newwindow=”true”]Order the Norwex Bath Towel Trio $76.99[/button]


Remember: All Norwex towels come with a 2 year warranty. Plus, if you don’t like them for any reason, just return them in the first 60 days for a refund!




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