Norwex Rubber Brush


The Norwex Rubber Brush might just be the most under-estimated product you need from Norwex.

This brush is marketed mostly to clean the Mop Pads (which it is perfect for), but I also find myself using this for many more activities around the all around my home.

Rubber Brush for Cleaning Mop Pads

norwewx-rubber-brush mop pad

Since it is mostly marketed for cleaning the mop pads, I’ll go ahead and start here.

  • Using short strokes, brush fabric or Mop Pad in the direction of the grain of the material.
  • Continue to brush from one end to the other, moving all dust and hair toward the edge of the material or Mop Pad.
  • Brush the debris into a trashcan.

For Mop Pads, you can also brush material against the grain to lift fibers and then re-brush if necessary.

Once you’re done, you can just rinse off the brush under running water and let it dry.

Use the Rubber Brush on Other Norwex Products

I also use this brush regularly to clean:

  • Norwex Entry Mat
  • EnviroWand
  • Dusting Mitt

Other Uses for the Brush

Ok, I’ll admit it. I don’t like lugging out the vacuum cleaner for every little thing.

I have an old Electrolux (old reliable!), but the thing is a beast! And sometimes I just want to quickly get up hair, lint, crumbs and dust from various places.

I also use this brush for getting stuff off of:

  • My yorkie
  • Clothes
  • Our couch
  • Furnature
  • Carpeted Stairs
  • Child car seats
  • Car floor mats (my husband does this a lot)

The brush is really sturdy and high-quality. I’ve had mine for almost 6 years, and I still have no problems with it.

How to Buy the Norwex Rubber Brush

If this sounds like something you will get even half as much use as I do out of it, it’s more than worth the $15.99 investment.

You can order the brush directly from Norwex online by clicking here.

order norwex rubber brush