Norwex Silicone Lids

If I told you that every single piece of plastic wrap ever used is still in existence, how would you feel?

Norwex Silicone Lids norwex products

Well, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this is true.

Here in the U.S.A., we use over 380 billion plastic bags, sacks, and wraps every year.

Most of these wind up in our landfills, but we all know that a number of them are littering our natural areas as well.

To make matters worse, when we use plastic wraps and aluminum foil, they often leach harmful chemicals into our food.

If you’re like me, you believe that we should be good stewards of the resources that we use here on earth.

I also really don’t like wasting money on plastic wraps and aluminum foil all the time.

Enter the Norwex Silicone Lids

I was so excited when Norwex came out with the Silicone Lids, and I was one of the first people to buy them. And I haven’t been disappointed!

I’ve found that the Silicone Lids are perfect for keeping hot foods hot and cold foods fresher longer. Plus, I no longer need to use environmentally unfriendly aluminum and plastic wraps.

And they can be used over and over, which has been great for my family’s budget.

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Other Advantages of Norwex Silicone Lids

  • BPA Free (this is a huge one for me)
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Made of 100% food-grade silicone

What I Love About Using Norwex Silicone Lids

The Norwex Silicone Lids really do an incredible job at creating an air-tight seal on any smooth rimmed surface, which keeps our leftovers fresh when in the refrigerator.

In fact, I’ve found that the lids help keep our leftover food fresher longer.

What’s also great, is that they are heat resistant, so you can use them to quickly reheat food in the oven or microwave (they are safe to use up to 425° F).

Also, I’ve loved that they don’t hold in any food odors.

How To Use Norwex Silicone Lids

The Silicone Lids will keep food fresh in any stainless steel, glass, plastic or ceramic container with a smooth rim.

The lids are dishwasher safe, or you can hand wash if you like. For the best results, use Norwex Super Jet Dishwasher Detergent or Norwex Dishwashing Liquid.

Just make sure that you don’t wash with any abrasive products.

Order The Norwex Silicone Lids

norwex catalog 358020-Silicone-Lids-Duo

The Silicone Lids come in a 2 Pack, with a large blue lid (10.2″ diameter ) and a smaller green lid (7.9″ diameter) for only $19.99.

The Norwex Silicone Lids also come with a fully 1 Year Warranty.

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