Use Norwex Sportzyme for Odor-Free Sports Gear

As a mom with a husband and two sons who are all hockey players, I know firsthand the challenges of keeping sports gear fresh and odor-free. The constant cycle of practices and games means our garage—and sometimes our entire house—can smell like a locker room (hockey moms, if you know – you know!).

Thankfully, I started using Norwex Sportzyme, a product that has been a game-changer for managing the relentless odors of hockey equipment.

Why Norwex Sportzyme is a Game Changer

Norwex Sportzyme is a powerful, enzyme-based spray designed to eliminate organic odors from sports gear, shoes, and other equipment. Unlike many other products that merely mask odors, Sportzyme goes to the source, breaking down and eliminating the organic residues that cause these unpleasant smells.

Features and Benefits

1. Effective Odor Elimination

The Norwex Sportzyme formula contains fast-acting enzymes and biodegradable ingredients that break down odor-causing residues. In my house, it makes it perfect for:

  • Hockey skates
  • Gloves
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Breezers
  • Shin pads
  • Helmets
  • Equipment bags

I’ve noticed a significant reduction in the foul smells emanating from my sons’ hockey gear, and even my husband’s well-worn skates have become much fresher.

Of course, Sportzyme can be used with any sports equipment, but hockey gear is the ultimate test. If it can work there – it can work anywhere!

2. Environmentally Friendly

Sportzyme is free from harmful chemicals such as SLS/SLES, dyes, phthalates, and phosphates. It is also biodegradable, non-flammable, and comes in a recyclable container (HDPE #2). As a parent, knowing that this product is safe for my family and the environment is a major relief.

3. Bioactive Formula

The bioactive formula of Sportzyme works by targeting and eliminating the organic residues that cause odors. This ensures that the smells are completely eradicated, not just covered up.

4. Convenience

The product comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle, with options for a mini-trigger or without. I leave it on our equipment hanging rack, and it gets sprayed on the gear after practices and games.

How to Use Norwex Sportzyme

Using Sportzyme is straightforward:

  1. Shake well before using.
  2. Spray Sportzyme over the entire surface where the odor is present.
  3. Apply heavily for the first application, saturating completely. Reapply as needed.
  4. Avoid drying in direct sunlight.
  5. Always test on an inconspicuous spot.


Sportzyme is formulated with a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients designed to effectively target and eliminate odors:

  • Purified Water/Aqua
  • C9-11 Pareth 6 (Synthetic surfactant)
  • Protease (Subtilisin) (Enzyme that breaks down protein-based soil)
  • Amylase (Enzyme that breaks down starch-based soil)
  • Cellulase (Enzyme for fabric maintenance)
  • Lipase (Enzyme that breaks down lipid-based soil)
  • Bacillus Spore Blend (Non-food probiotic, enzyme stabilizer, and enhancer)
  • Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol, Caprylyl Glycol (Synthetic preservatives)
  • Sodium Carbonate (Synthetic buffering agent)
  • Fragrance/Parfum (Synthetic)

Did You Know?

Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts, speeding up chemical reactions without being changed themselves. Norwex Sportzyme uses these enzymes to break down and eliminate odor-causing residues effectively. This means the odors are removed at the source rather than being masked by artificial fragrances.

Personal Experience and Product Review

When my husband and sons come back from their hockey sessions, the gear that once made us dread entering the garage now smells much more bearable. The fresh sporty scent of Sportzyme is pleasant and not overwhelming, making it easier to maintain a clean-smelling home.

Sportzyme has been a lifesaver in our household. The product works exceptionally well. The convenience of the spray bottle and the effectiveness of the enzyme-based formula mean that even the smelliest gear is no match for Sportzyme.

I highly recommend this product to any family struggling with persistent sports equipment odors.

In conclusion, Norwex Sportzyme is a must-have for any sports family. Its ability to eliminate odors rather than just mask them, combined with its environmentally friendly composition, makes it the perfect solution for keeping your home and gear smelling fresh and clean.

Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

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