What Norwex Cloth?

One of the questions I’m often asked as an Independent Norwex Consultant is what Norwex cloth do I use?

My answer is always, “it depends.” Norwex has a lot of different cloths, that work really for different jobs.

What Norwex Cloth Do I Use The Most?

This one is easy. It’s the EnviroCloth.

what norwex cloth evniro

This cloth does such a great job at a variety of cleaning tasks.

It can be used dry for dusting, and it works great for some of the quick dusting jobs. But I tend to use it wet more often, simply because I like to use the Dusting Mitt more for dusting (check out the next section).

The key is to fold the cloth so you have eight clean sides to work with, and then wipe with even strokes.

What Norwex Cloth Do I Use To Dust?

As I mentioned above, I LOVE using the Dusting Mitt for most of my dusting.

what norwex cloth dusting

It’s so easy to just slip it on your hand and start dusting.

The mitt really does a great job of “attracting” the dust into the microfiber. I also don’t have any problems with the dust spreading from area to area.

Pro Tip: I actually use the rubber brush designed to go along with the mop to clean the dusting mitt.

What Cloth Do I Use To Clean Windows?

For cleaning windows and mirrors, my the Window Cloth is by far my favorite!

what norwex cloth for windows

This thing is amazing!

If you haven’t seen the Norwex Butter Demo video, you have to check it out below. You’ll see why this is one of my favorite Norwex Products.

What Cloth Do I Use To Clean Kitchen Counters?

I had always used the Kitchen Cloths as a wash rag to clean my kitchen counters. But then Norwex came out with specific Counter Cloths, which I think are better.

We have granite countertops, and these seem to do better at minimizing odor on our countertops than the kitchen cloths did.

And, these Counter Cloths also remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface.

What Norwex Cloth Do I Use On Stainless Steel?

I’m one of those people what love the look of stainless steel appliances, but hate seeing every little smudge and fingerprint. My husband is the same way.

For us, this Stainless Steel Cloth is an answer to prayer.

The special weave of the Stainless Steel Cloth gets everything streak free and looking great with just a quick wipe down.

It has a textured side to get all of the gunk off, and then a polish side that works like the window cloth.

It’s an amazing product!

What Cloth Do I Use To Clean Showers and Bathrooms?

We have a tile shower as well as a bath tub, and the best way for me to clean it has been to use the Bathroom Scrub Mitt.

This mitt has two different sides. A scrubby mesh side for getting hard water build-up and other grime off of the tile. It also has a smooth microfiber side for wiping up.

There are a lot of great Norwex cloths, and I still use a lot of the other ones at various times. But these are the one’s I’m using most right now.

If you have questions about Norwex cloths, feel free to contact me.

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