2017 Norwex Black Friday and Holiday Sale

November 22 - December 1 at Noon CDT

It’s time to save big on Norwex products, during the 2017 Norwex Black Friday and Holiday Sale!

2017 Norwex Black Friday and Holiday Sale

These products for the perfect stocking stuffers and holiday gifts for helping others create their own Safe Haven.

Here are all of the 2017 Norwex Black Friday and holiday deals:

The Norwex Dish Mat – One Of My Favorites!

The Norwex Dish Mat is one of my favorite products, and one of the most used in my home.

norwex dish mat with dishes

It comes in so handy when you just have a few dishes to wash in the sink, and want to let them dry. If you’re like me, this is almost a daily event.

The Dish Mat is made up of a triple layer of Norwex Microfiber, foam and mesh. The mesh layer allows air to flow through, while the microfiber and foam layers soak up one-and-a-half times their weight in water.

norwex dish mat

Learn More About The Norwex Dish Mat

To learn more about the Dish Mat, click here.


Use This Not That

How To Save Over $200 Or More With Norwex Products

I’m often asked how much money can someone actually save by switching to Norwex products?

use this norwex

It’s no secret that there is an upfront investment when switching to Norwex, but the savings are definitely there, and can add up quickly!

In this post, I’ll highlight six Norwex products that can save you hundreds of dollars a year.