Man using the Norwex exfoliating back scrubber in the shower

Exfoliating Back Scrubber

The Norwex Exfoliating Back Scrubber helps you uncover fresher, smoother skin on your back and other hard-to-reach places without the strain of twisting and turning. Do you feel like a …

Norwex Active Towel being put into the carrying mesh bag

Norwex Active Towel

The Norwex Active Towel is a super-absorbent, suede-like microfiber towel is the perfect companion when you’re exercising, playing sports, hiking, biking, doing yoga, traveling and camping and at the beach, …

Norwex Travel Pack set of five cloths

Norwex Travel Pack

You’re on the go a lot, and spills and messes can happen anywhere. You need to always have a highly absorbent cloth within easy reach.

Norwex bath towels hanging up in a bathroom

Norwex Bath Towel

Treat yourself to the velvety warmth of the snug and cozy Norwex Bath Towel. The luxurious, lightweight, antibacterial microfiber in these towels is quite possibly the softest fabric your skin …

Norwex Descaler and Scrub Mitt in Bathroom

Norwex Descaler

Norwex Descaler is a biobased formula that safely removes soap scum, heavy calcium, limescale and rust deposits from toilets, shower doors, stalls and bathtubs, leaving them clean and residue-free in …

Stack of costal and striped Norwex face cloths

Norwex Face Cloth

Replace dingy wash cloths with the ultimate, super-soft Norwex face cloth! Using only water, no soap required, they’re gentle on skin yet tough on bacteria and dirt.