5 Great Norwex Christmas Gifts To Give This Year

Who else wants to give that perfect git the year?

Shop outside the big box, with unique Norwex Christmas gifts that they’re guaranteed to love!

Norwex Chenille Hand Towel



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This isn’t your ordinary hand towel. The luxuriously soft Chenille Hand Towel is perfect for drying your hands and keeping germs and bacteria away, using the exclusive Norwex BacLock® technology.

This plush hand towel gently dries your skin to prevent irritation, and comes with a convenient hanger to attach to a towel bar or keep in countless other locations around the home, anytime it’s needed!

Norwex Bath Mat



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The Norwex Bath Mat provides an ultra-soft and safe stepping surface right out of the shower or bath.

The mat’s super-thirsty microfiber absorbs up to ten times its weight.

Soft, breathable and extremely durable, our Bath Mat dries quickly so it’s ready every time. Best of all, you can choose from three colors that blend into every décor.

Norwex Spa Wrap



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This is a favorite of anyone who has tried it!

Lightweight, soft and supple, the Norwex Spa Wrap is made from super-absorbent Norwex Microfiber. With maximum absorbency, this lightweight microfiber is quite possibly the most luxurious fabric their skin will ever touch.

The strong elastic keeps its flexibility so it fits perfectly every time. Its extra-long Velcro® closure allows them to adjust the fit and secure it snugly; plus, it dries quickly so it’s always ready whenever they are.

The Spa Wrap can be worn after a shower, in the steam room, as a beach/ pool cover-up or just for relaxing around the house.

Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth Set


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Cleanse delicate facial skin, and even remove eye makeup, using just water and the Norwex Makeup Removal Cloths.

Instead of opting for expensive scrubs and cleansers that can over-dry and irritate your skin, cleanse it gently yet effectively with these super-soft microfiber cloths.

This set includes 3 Cloths per package:  blue, green and purple

Norwex Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash



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This foaming soap transforms an everyday task into something they’ll enjoy.

The energizing Peppermint aroma of the Norwex Foaming Hand Wash awakens the senses as the rich, environmentally friendly ingredients leaves skin clean, soft, smooth and moisturized.

Ideal for the bathroom as well as the kitchen.

The Norwex Guarantee



All Norwex Microfiber products carry a two-year warranty. If you are not pleased with how a microfiber product has performed, the item can be replaced, at no additional charge, through Norwex Customer Service Returns.

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