Norwex Carpet Stain Buster Review

Between the kids (or husband) spilling, our precious little Yorkie having accidents, our carpet often needs some work. This is why the Norwex Carpet Stain Buster is one of my most-used Norwex products.

norwex carpet stain buster review

If you’re like me, you get it, and your carpets are the same way.

There are a ton of stain removal products out there, and since my family is trying to get away from as many chemicals as possible, I wanted to see how the Norwex Carpet Stain Buster compared.


What Does The Norwex Carpet Stain Buster Do?

Pretty much exactly what you want it to do – gets rid of tough stains. And to make it even better, it does it without using chemicals.

spill with norwex stain remover spray

Norwex describes the key features as:

  • Simply and effectively eliminates a variety of protein-based and organic stains and odors
  • Rich foam quickly lifts stains without scrubbing
  • Rapidly penetrates to dissolve and remove all types of stains
  • Keeps working hours after cleaning so as not to attract new contaminants
  • Use for spot cleaning, shampooing, deodorizing and neutralizing stains on carpets, rugs and upholstery

Plus, microbes and enzymes continue to work, lifting stains hours after other products stop working.

How Is The Norwex Carpet Stain Buster Different From Others?


Rather than using chemicals, the Norwex Carpet Stain Buster uses microbes, enzymes and Orange Extract as soil removers.

The foaming agent actually prevents stains from re-depositing on cleaned surfaces. The Yucca Schidigera is what acts as the natural detergent and foaming agent, which replaces the surfactants in other stain removers.

No Residue

Most other carpet spot removers are packed with chemicals, including large amounts of surfactants and sometimes solvents. These tend to leave behind a residue that actually attracts more soil and stains, causing them to reappear later.

After using Spot Shot for years, not having any residue left behind was really nice!

What’s Good About The Norwex Carpet Stain Remover

Simply Put, It Works Great

As I mentioned before, I had used Spot Shot for years. My mom used Spot Shot. My husband’s mom used Spot Shot. After seeing first hand how good the Norwex Carpet Stain Buster worked in my house, they all have switched to Norwex.

In my opinion, Norwex really does work better.

Fast, and Easy to Use

All you have to do is blot any wet stain with a dry Norwex Enviro Cloth before applying. Then, just spray on the Norwex Carpet Stain Remover (make sure to hold the bottle about 4-6 inches away from the stain). It never hurts to be generous with how much you apply.

Then, just allow the foam to absorb into the stain for about 3 minutes.

After that, gently blot with a clean, damp Enviro Cloth. If needed, you can rub gently.

And that’s it!

What’s Bad About The Norwex Carpet Stain Buster?

It is more expensive than some of the other cleaners available. Having always used Spot Shot, the price was something I struggled with.

But, I understand it. All of the ingredients are natural, so it’s going to cost more. Plus, it does work better.

This really was/is my only negative, and the price was the only thing that tempted me to go back (I ultimately chose to stick with Norwex because I personally don’t want to expose my family to chemical if I don’t have to).

It’s just like shopping for groceries. All natural is always more expensive.

Doesn’t mean I have to like it though. 😉

Who Is The Norwex Carpet Stain Buster Best For?

  • Anyone with kids
  • Pet owners
  • People who like very clean cars (my husband falls into this category, and swears by this)
  • Anyone with tough stains (even if other products haven’t worked)

Where Can You Buy Norwex Carpet Stain Remover?

You can order the Norwex Carpet Stain Buster directly from Norwex here:

norwex carpet stain remover
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