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My name is Jami Mark, your online independent Norwex consultant.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I have to admit, my story in becoming an independent Norwex consultant began most reluctantly.

How I Became A Norwex Consultant

My grandmother-in-law invited me to a Norwex party with the hopes that the products would help with my son with his skin issues. He had been struggling with skin problems, and I had tried so many different products. Even natural cleaners affected his skin, but nothing had worked.

I was very skeptical before the Norwex party assuming that the products would be just another failed attempt to make things more comfortable at home. However, at the Norwex party, I was amazed by the demos and surprised that such efficient cleaning was possible with only water.

After purchasing and using my first Enviro Cloth in my home for several weeks, I noticed a tremendous difference and became a believer in the mission and products of Norwex. Shortly after, I became an Independent Norwex Consultant

Why I Became An Independent Consultant

I became a consultant to help others learn about the products that made a positive difference for my family.

Norwex is a win-win for every person that does any cleaning!

You win by being more environmentally friendly, and also by saving money.

As a stay-at-home mom with two active little boys, I needed something that would be safe for my youngest son’s skin issues. I also needed something fast and effective for cleaning up after their messes.

Since I’ve been able to get rid of most chemicals in our house by using Norwex products, my son’s skin issues have improved! This is the best part for me.

I love Norwex products and am so glad that I get to share the message of “The REAL Clean” with everyone because it just makes sense!

Ready for me to help you with Norwex?

I’m here to help in any way that I can as your online independent Norwex Consultant.

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