Getting Started Cleaning With Norwex

One of the most common questions I get being an independent Norwex consultant is, “where do I start?”

Getting Started With Norwex

If you’re new to Norwex, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the products that are available today. I know, I’ve been there too when I first got started.

Unless budget is not a concern (in that the case, you might as well start with the “Have It All” Package), I always recommend starting small, and growing your Norwex collection over time.

First Things First

If you’re like me, while you might be really excited about Norwex, you might also be a little nervous as well. After all, changing how you clean, and getting rid of chemicals can be a big step.

But let me reassure you, you’re making a great choice.

After years of using Norwex products and helping others get started with Norwex, I have yet to meet anyone who hasn’t been happy with their choice.

Plus, most Norwex products come with a pretty generous guarantee and/or warranty, so if you don’t like something, you’re usually covered.

norwex products norwex warranty

Your First Norwex Order

Anyone who’s used Norwex will tell you that two of their favorite products are the Enviro Cloth, and the Window Cloth.

You can use the Enviro Cloth clean just about everything, using only water. Plus, you can use it dry to dust (the Norwex microfiber actually “lifts and traps” the dust). It really is the best “all-in-one” cleaning product that I’ve ever used.

The Window Cloth is everyone’s favorite. The silky, tightly woven microfiber Window Cloth gets windows, mirrors, crystal, jewelry and shiny
surfaces sparkling clean with only water. All you have to do is lightly mist the surface, then polish with a dry Window Cloth.

I have yet to find anything else that works this good at cleaning windows. If you have kids (and then handprints all over the windows), this really is a must have.

You can order both of these products separately, but Norwex does offer what they call a “Basic Package” which includes both of these, and saves you a little bit of money.

This is where I got started with Norwex, and still what I recommend for most people.

The Basic Package

norwex basic package

[button href=”″ primary=”false” centered=”true” newwindow=”true”]Norwex Basic Package $32.99[/button]

The Household Package

The other option I’ll present for getting started with Norwex is the Household Package.

If I had to do it over again, I would’ve actually started with the Household Package, and here’s why…

The Dusting Mitt is one of my favorite products! In fact, I now own several dusting mitts (don’t judge!).

It was actually the next product that I added to my collection, and I could’ve saved a little more money by purchasing the Household Package instead.

norwex household package
Spray bottle sold separately


Either package is great for getting started. If you plan to add to your Norwex collection over time, and can swing the extra $17, it might be worth it to start with the Household Package.

norwex household package

[button href=”″ primary=”false” centered=”true” newwindow=”true”]Norwex Household Package $50.99[/button]


I hope this helps you as you get started with Norwex. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, or contact me.

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