New Norwex Toilet Brush

New Norwex toilet brush and cleaning system

One of the most exciting fall 2022 products is the new Norwex Toilet Brush!

Just a few pumps of this revolutionary toilet brush conveniently dispenses the perfect amount of cleaning solution right where it’s needed, so you get a sparkling clean bowl every time.

About the new Norwex toilet brush

Moment of truth – cleaning the toilet is no one’s favorite chore. Not only is it gross (and I have two boys!), but typical nylon toilet brushes can fray as they weaken, causing them to accumulate bacteria and potentially spread it to other items in the bathroom. And I don’t love the disposable toilet wands because they’re expensive and create a lot of waste.

This new Norwex Toilet Brush and Bowl Cleaning System with BacLock allows you to conveniently fill the brush handle with the biodegradable Bathroom Cleaner so it’s ready every time. With just a push of the button, the cleaning solution dispenses from the end of the brush head, allowing you to quickly target problem areas with no harmful chemicals or single-use waste.

New Norwex toilet brush and bowl cleaning system

Best of all, two kinds of durable, flexible bristles rinse completely clean with only water and even self-cleanse, thanks to the BacLock antibacterial agent.

Norwex toilet brush with two kinds of bristles

Easy. Simple. Done.

How to Use the New Norwex Toilet Brush

  • Unscrew handle cap and slowly pour Bathroom Cleaner into the reservoir.
  • Do not exceed maximum fill line. Replace cap.
  • Press button on handle to dispense Bathroom Cleaner from the brush head onto the toilet bowl.
  • Use 2–4 pumps to clean bowl.
  • After scrubbing, allow solution to work 3 to 5 minutes then flush clean. Rinse brush and place it back in its base.
  • Wipe bowl exterior and seat with a wet Norwex EnviroCloth®.
  • Refill when level of Bathroom Cleaner is lower than the bottom of the clear panel.
  • Clean brush with water as needed. Clean base with water and a Norwex cloth.

What I Love About This Product

Again, cleaning toilets is not my favorite, but this product makes it a lot easier and more convenient.

The reservoir is corrosion-resistant, and disperses the Bathroom Cleaner with a push of the button – and no mess!

Plus, it holds up to 120 pumps, so I can go awhile before refilling. The handle has a clear panel that lets you see how much cleanser is left in the reservoir.

Norwex toilet brush handle

Now, I do use the Norwex bathroom cleaner, but you can use it with any non-gel cleaning solution, which is nice.

The two kinds of bristles work to really well to clean and scrub away grime.

I also think this is going to save me money because it reduces waste by dispensing the proper amount of cleaning solution every time.

The toilet brush stores in self-cleansing base when not in use, so it’s less gross than a normal toilet brush.

How to Order

You can order the Norwex Toilet Brush online and have it shipped directly to you. Click here to order.

New Norwex toilet brush and cleaning system
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