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It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about spring cleaning and all the Norwex new products that will be released in Springs 2022. I don’t know about you, but I am always excited to see what new items Norwex comes out with each season. They never disappoint!

In this post, I will share details on all of the new products and color options, including some insight into my very favorite addition to the Norwex product lineup.

norwex new products spring 2022

XL Norwex Mop

XL Norwex Mop

I probably shouldn’t do this, but I’m going to lead off with my favorite Norwex new product, the XL Norwex Mop.

As you all know, I’ve been a big fan of the mop for years, and this larger size, along with the Spray Mop Attachment which was also recently released makes the lineup complete.

This high-efficiency mop system is ideal for larger homes, or even smaller ones but that have a lot of activity. The XL Wet Mop Pad contains Norwex’s exclusive, antibacterial BacLock® agent. The XL Dry Superior Mop Pad is great for collecting hair, dirt, and dust in busier homes.

The dimensions for the new XL Mop are:

  • XL Mop Base: 55 cm x 8 cm / 21.65″ x 3.15″
  • XL Dry Superior Mop Pad: 70 cm x 15 cm / 27.56″ x 5.91″
  • XL Wet Mop Pad: 69 cm x 14 cm / 21.17″ x 5.51″

That’s over 30% wider than the older large Mop Base and Pads!

The telescopic handle remains the same: adjustable 98 cm – 160 cm / 38.58″ – 62.99″

Do you already have a Norwex mop?

If so, I have great news! For customers who already have a mop but want to upgrade to the new XL size, you can get the XL version without the handle (remember it’s the same) and save a little money!

XL Norwex Mop without handle

Also, I expect I will get this question a lot, so I’m going to try and answer it now,

“Can I use my old Norwex mop base with the new XL pads?

No. Because the pads and base are 30% larger than the previous version, you will need to upgrade to the XL mop base for it to work properly.

Norwex Beach Towel with Carrying Pouch

norwex beach towel

Fun and vibrant design makes this beach towel the perfect companion for picnics, the beach, poolside and more!

This oversized Beach Towel with mesh carrying bag is perfect for all your Summer fun! Great at the beach, on picnics, stargazing and so much more, the towel folds down easily to tuck away for storage in its cute mesh drawstring bag! Made from thirsty suede microfiber with Norwex BacLock® antibacterial agent, this towel self-purifies within 24 hours as it dries to drastically reduce mold, fungi, and bacterial odor!

norwex beach towel with carrying case

Magenta EnviroCloth

magenta envirocloth

Add a spring to your cleaning routine with this vibrant magenta color!

Side note – did you know that HGTV touted the Norwex EnviroCloth as one of their top 13 Essential Cleaning Products?

The Norwex EnviroCloth is a game-changer. It’s a microfiber cloth that cleans a multitude of surfaces, and all you have to do is wet the cloth with water. I use it on windows, countertops, stains in the carpet, etc. I love it because it cleans really well and is a green cleaning product – so much better than using tons of paper towels!”

Lauren Fansler, Editor HGTV Magazine
norwex new product magenta envirocloth

Floral Window Cloth Mitt

norwex window cloth mitt

The Window Cloth Mitt is your shortcut to perfectly clean and sparkling windows and glass. The foam layer helps this double-sided mitt keep its shape. The soft, tightly woven microfiber cleaning cloth removes up to 99% of bacteria and leaves shiny surfaces spotless with no unsightly streaks or residues.

norwex floral window cloth mitt

Avacado Colored Kitchen Towel & Cloth Set, diamond-textured

norwex kitchen towel and cloth avacado

Pretty in green, new limited-edition set in avocado!

A set of our microfiber cloth and towel with Norwex BacLock®, which feature a beautiful diamond weave to grab, trap and eliminate kitchen messes and look great doing it. Plus they’re made from 70% recycled microfiber. The pair is perfect for drying dishes, wiping countertops, soaking up spills and so much more!

Avacado Colored Kitchen Cloth Trio, diamond textured

avacado kitchen_cloth_trio

Set of 3 Kitchen Cloths (cloths are the same color).

These extra-absorbent and lint-free microfiber cloths and towels will help you grab, trap and eliminate kitchen messes using only water.

Works great on all types of hard surfaces, including stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, glass, chrome, granite, marble, wood, tile, and china.

Avacado Colored Diamond Textured Kitchen Towel

avacado norwex kitchen towel

These super-absorbent towels are great for drying dishes and so much more. And the BacLock® antibacterial agent helps them stay fresher, longer!

Avacado Colored Diamond Textured Kitchen Cloth

avacado kitchen cloth norwex

These extra-absorbent microfiber cloths will help you grab, trap and eliminate kitchen messes using only water.

Norwex Ribbon Chenille Hand Towel Caribbean Color

nowex chenille hand towel carribean

Add a splash of color to your bathroom with limited-edition Caribbean color!

Not your ordinary hand towel, this luxuriously touchable and thirsty towel dries your hands and inhibits bacterial odor, mold, and mildew growth within the towel, thanks to Norwex’s exclusive BacLock®* technology.

Its convenient hanger makes it perfect for anywhere there may be wet, messy hands!

carribean color chenille hand towel

Norwex Deluxe Towel Set Caribbean Color

norwex new products carribean delux towel set

Enjoy the deluxe experience with the set of these limited-edition towels and body and face cloths, thicker than the standard Norwex towels by 14%!

norwex carribean deluxe towel set

Deluxe Towel Duo Caribbean Color


Add a touch of deluxe to your bathroom with this limited-edition duo.

Deluxe Bath Towel Caribbean Color


Thicker than the standard towels by 14%, these gorgeous beauties wrap you in comfort and dry fast so they’re ready to use again quickly.

Deluxe Hand Towel Caribbean Color

Deluxe Hand Towel, LE – NEW - Caribbean

This luxuriously touchable towel dries your hands and inhibits bacterial odor, mold, and mildew growth within the towel.

Deluxe Body and Face Pack (pack of 3) Caribbean Color

norwex deluxe_body_face_pack

Using only water, no soap required, they’re gentle on skin yet tough on bacteria and dirt.

Ultra-Plush Towel Set Heathered Oatmeal

Ultra-Plush Towel Set

This stylishly neutral, limited-edition set in heathered oatmeal goes great with any bathroom décor.

The beautiful, warm, plush microfiber Bath and Hand Towels are velvety soft and cozy, making them a favorite for everyone.

And the Ultra-Plush Bath Towels are 5 cm / 2” wider than the standard Bath Towels!

The Ultra-Plush Body and Face Pack cleans and pampers your skin using only water.

Thanks to our BacLock® antibacterial agent, you’ll appreciate how they stay cleaner and fresher, longer.

norwex new product Ultra-Plush Towel Set

Ultra-Plush Towel Duo Heathered Oatmeal

norwex towel duo

Ultra Plush Body and Face Pack (pack of 3) Heathered Oatmeal


Ultra-Plush Body and Face Pack cleans and pampers your skin using only water.

Lysere® Prebiotic Deodorant Citrus Bergamot

new norwex deodorant

Scented with a blend of essential oils for an earthy, citrus aroma.

Formulated to neutralize odors from sweat, the Norwex skin-loving deodorant provides up to 48 hours of odor protection without harmful ingredients like aluminum, triclosan, parabens, or diethanolamine.

Norwex Eco Utensils and Straw Set

Norwex Eco Utensils and Straw Set

Eat, drink and be earth friendly!

Keep single-use plasticware and straws out of landfills with this limited-edition set.

The Eco Utensils are a great way to reduce you and your family’s reliance on single-use plastic.

Made from plant-based materials, these forks, spoons, and knives are perfect for every setting.

The food-grade Silicone Straw is extra-wide, making it perfect for thicker treats and beverages.

Set comes in a handy drawstring bag.

Norwex Eco Utensils, setting for 4

Norwex Eco Utensils

Take the whole family on an earth-friendly journey with this set of limited-edition, compostable flatware.

No need for single-use plastic that can choke landfills and waterways; now everyone can have their own reusable utensils.

And there you have it, all of the Norwex new products for Springs 2022.

There are some great new colors and products available, and you can order online direct from Norwex and have it conveniently shipped to you. Click here for all the new products.

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