Norwex Enviro Cloth

Get rid of cleaning chemicals once and for all with the Norwex Enviro Cloth.

norwex envirocloth

No, that wasn’t a typo, you really can get rid of your cleaning chemicals just by using the Norwex Enviro Cloth. You can use it wet (with only water) for cleaning, and dry for dusting.

This microfiber cloth cleans absolutely everything!

How Does the Norwex Enviro Cloth Get Everything Clean?

The key to the Enviro Cloths is the high grade microfiber.

The BacLock microfiber in the Enviro Cloths actually “lifts” what you are cleaning into the cloth and away from the surface. This means that all of the contaminates are gone!

norwex enviro cloth lifts dirt
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This is a great improvement over using cotton cloths and paper towels to clean, since they just spread everything around (so you’re really getting the particles and bacteria that you can’t see).

The Norwex Enviro Cloths are Self Purifying

Inside of the Enviro Cloths is Norwex Microsilver. This is a silver based antibacterial agent actually helps the Enviro Cloths clean themselves, inhibiting bacterial odor, mold, and/or mildew growth.

Why Norwex Microfiber is the Best

Norwex microfiber is a much higher grade than other microfiber cloths you may find on Amazon or at Walmart.

Each strand of Norwex microfiber is 1/200 the size of a single human hair. By comparison, the microfiber in most other cloths are around 1/6 the size of human hair.

Since they are able to get the microfiber strands so small, Norwex developed a unique “knitting” processes to bring these microfibers into the cloth. This process gives the Enviro Cloth more total cleaning surface area, and also lets it hold up to 7x it’s weight.

Plus, the Norwex MicroSilver mentioned above is not something you will find in any other microfiber cloth.

How To Clean with an Enviro Cloth

To get the most out of the cloth, I recommend starting with 8 clean sides. When you start, fold the Enviro Cloth in half, then fold it in half again.

Wet to Clean

Just get the Norwex cloth damp with water (you can wring out any excess water), and wipe in even strokes. When one side of the cloth starts getting dirty, you can just flip it over and use the other side.

Since you are using just water to clean, the Enviro Cloth can be used on most surfaces.

Dry to Dust

When the Enviro Cloths are dry they actually produce an electrostatic charge, making them perfect for dusting.

This electrostatic charge attracts the dust and dirt particles to the cloth and holds them there. The dust is trapped in the Norwex microfiber until you rinse the Enviro Cloth out.

Taking Care of Your Enviro Cloth

Care and cleaning of the Enivro Cloths is very quick and easy.

Right After Use

After you’re done cleaning with the Enviro Cloth, just rinse it out under warm/hot water. You can use your hand, or the Norwex Rubber Brush to wipe away the dirt.

Then wring the water out, and it’s ready to be used again.

Slightly Dirty Cloths

After several uses, the Enviro Cloths may need cleaned a bit more thoroughly.

You can throw the Enviro Cloths into the laundry. You can put them in with other lint-free items, but I do recommend putting them in separately.  For the best results, use the Norwex Ultra Powder Plus Laundry Detergent.

Important Note: Never use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets when laundering. These will coat the microfibers and reduce their ability to clean.

Deep Cleaning

If you have deep, stubborn stains or odors that won’t go away, the Enviro Cloths can be boiled in water for 10 minutes. When you boil the Norwex microfibers, they swell and release all of the trapped debris.

Enviro Cloth Colors

The Norwex Enviro Cloths come in four different colors: Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red (classic).

norwex enviro cloth 300004-Blue-Enviro
norwex enviro cloth 300003-Yellow-Enviro
norwex enviro cloth 300002-Green-Enviro
norwex enviro cloth 300001-Red-Enviro

Helpful Tip: Develop a color coded systems for cleaning with the Enviro Cloths. Use a different color cloth  in each room, or a different color for specific cleaning tasks (i.e. counters, bathrooms, etc…).

Norwex Enviro Cloth Warranty

Norwex offers a great warranty on all their microfiber products. A full 2 year warranty covers any problem (outside of normal wear and tear) that you may have.

Important Note: The Norwex warranty is only available if you purchase through a consultant (such as myself).

See How Easy You Can Clean With A Norwex Enviro Cloth

Norwex Enviro Cloths clean faster and better than anything, and all without chemicals.

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