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Are you interested in Norwex products, but are looking for more than just the “sales pitch?”

norwex reviews from a mom

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This website is pretty much focused on Norwex, and I’ve written many in-depth Norwex reviews already here. I’m also adding new ones all the time.

Why Am I Writing Norwex Reviews?

Going to Norwex parties can be a lot of fun. I’ve attended and hosted a lot of these parties. It’s a great way to have fun and learn about the newest Norwex products.

But going to parties isn’t always the easiest, or most convenient, especially for busy moms.

When I first found out about Norwex, I really wanted to learn more about the products. Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding any detailed information or Norwex reviews online that were helpful.

Because I’ve been using Norwex products for so long, and I know what it’s like to be a busy mom, I’m trying to put together the website that I wish I had when I was first getting started using Norwex.

PS, if you’re new to Norwex, you can read more in my post What Is Norwex?

What Are My Qualifications for Writing Norwex Reviews?

I am a mom of 2 boys

I absolutely love being a mom to my boys. And as any mom with boys knows, there’s a lot of cleaning up involved.

From spills, stains, to marks on the walls, and of course laundry, it seems like there’s always something that needs “mom’s” attention.

I have years of experience using Norwex products

Since 2012, I have been cleaning up for my family using Norwex products. Most of my favorite products I’ve been using pretty much the whole time.

In fact, I’m still using the very first Enviro Cloth that I bought. It’s still in great shape.

I have used and tried almost every Norwex product available

Overall, I like Norwex. Ok, I LOVE Norwex.

Norwex to me is like what Apple is to my husband. I’m always excited to see and try whatever new product they have available. It’s why I became an independent consultant. You can read all about my story here. But in short, I just want to help other moms and families find out for themselves how Norwex can help save time and money.

Product research and testing is a huge part of that. After all, just like every company, some products are better than others, certain ones you love, and certain ones that you just don’t care for.

For me, the only way to find out what I liked was to use them for myself.

My Goals for Writing Nowex Reviews

To help you find the Norwex products that will work best for your family.

Because I have personally used Norwex products in my own home (or in some cases tried to use and didn’t like), I can share honest feedback on these reviews. As you read some of my reviews, you’ll notice that I’m pretty transparent with what I like, and what I don’t like.

Also, I’m always asking those closet to me who I know use Norwex what they like about the products, don’t like, wish could be better, etc…

My hope is that all of this information comes together in a way that is helpful to you.

How Are My Norwex Reviews Structured?

Most of the time, I review Norwex products individually.

To make the reviews easy to follow, and also fully transparent, I do my best to keep a consistent format. Sometimes I change it up a bit, but typically I break up my reviews into four basic sections:

  1. Overview of the Product
  2. What’s Good About the Product
  3. What’s Not Good About the Product
  4. Who is the Product Best Suited For

Sometimes I’ll also add a head-to-head comparison of traditional products vs. Norwex (for example, Tide vs. Norwex Laundry Detergent)

My 3 Most Popular Norwex Reviews

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Norwex Reviews norwex water filtration system

Complete Archive of My Norwex Reviews

You can find a full list all of my Norwex reviews here.

Never Miss A New Norwex Review

If you’ve ever browsed the Norwex catalog, you know there are a lot of products available. I’m always adding more reviews and product information to this site. Please continue to check back for more updates.

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